Error loading char

Hello there,

I’m trying to reload my char to see my updated gear, but with no success. I choose the server, the realm and type the name but keep getting: “The specified character could not be found”.

I promise I exist. lol
This is the char I’m trying to load:ês/Jedilegolas

Can you help?

There have been many problems with the Blizzard armory API since 8.2 went live, it isn’t just Mr Robot having trouble with it. SimpleArmory isn’t working and the Battle Pet tracking sites can’t always get data, there they have a work around to get pet data but that doesn’t help us as they load an alt which hasn’t been logged in since 8.2, as pets are account bound this gets people a pet list they can filter from to know what to chase.

But that doesn’t help you. :frowning:

What will help you is using the addon to import to the website, it works much better this way anyway. :smiley:

I’ll take a look… blizzard changed up the APIs a bit, and the new ones are quite inconvenient and difficult to use in comparison to the old ones, still working out the idiosyncrasies. In this case, they used to allow using “aggra-portugues” to look up that realm, but now it seems they require “aggra-português” with the special “ê” or else it returns not found.

We do recommend using our in-game addon though, much of the functionality of the site (like Best in Bags, Upgrade Finder) don’t really work otherwise. Even Gear Check works better with the addon, because we can see which Essences you have unlocked. There is no way to get that information from the APIs yet.

Ok, thanks :wink:

I’ll use the addon, then.