"Error: The specified gearing stretegy could not be found"

I have been getting this error while trying to do Best in Bags or Upgrade Finder:

“The specified gearing strategy could not be found: 42b255d815e04b92b2be79166e3bdd28”

I’ve gotten it on both Firefox and Chrome, and also both with custom strategies and default ones.

Seems like maybe one of your specs is saved with a gearing strategy that got deleted… try activating each of your specs on the website, and choose a new gearing strategy from the picker – even if you choose the same one, that’s fine. Just pick one to force it to refresh, see if that solves the problem.

I know that this is from a while back, but I’m having the same problem.
The specified gearing strategy could not be found: 8f75bb8c2f90452db931eb00f68fb8ff
Is what I’m getting, and its not happing on all my toons, just my Fury warrior.
I tried all that you said.
Please help.