Every year AMR seems to be more difficult and limited to use

I took a 6-month break from Wow, and when I came back I started leveling a new character which I just hit 120. So, I go to the Auction House and start to look for some weapons and try to compare which spec I really want to play with the weapons that are available to me. I have to say I am very disappointed in the capabilities what I found of Mr. Robot in since the last time I used the service. He has become either extremely difficult to use, or extremely limited. I use to with ease be able to filter the ilvl and quality of items I was looking for. For example, I could find just about any weapon possible in the game no matter the ilvl or quality and replace my weapon with that weapon, export it to a SimCraft model and run the sim to find out exactly the stat value of that weapon was. Then I could change spec, and do the exact same thing with another weapon of the same ilvl for the new spec, export that to a Sim and get the stat weight for that item as well. When I want to look specifically at a weapon upgrade I could find what seemed a 100-150 different weapons or more, now I can only find 45???

Now though, I can’t find half of what is available to me on the AH. I can’t find a filter option available to me to select the exact weapon I am looking at in the AH. Such as a 325 ilvl time walking weapon. I use to be able to find the weapon and then change the ilvl manually. Now I can’t even do that, and If that option exists it has become extremely difficult to find.

Mr. Robots strength in my eye was being able to find exactly the right items with exactly the right build that was available to me, and being able to sim that exact build without having to know exactly how to write code for SimCraft. Now it seems I can no longer do that.

I use to be able to find even a similar weapon and manually change the stats and ilvl to effectively make it the same weapon. It’s the reason I paid money to use this site because no other site provided this kind of service to the average person who doesn’t know how to write code in SimCraft. This is the reason I used AMR in the first place. Every year now AMR seems to have become more and more difficult to use with more limited options with more restrictions. It was so much more robust in previous Xpacs with ease of use and options (especially MoP and WoD), its a shell of what it once was. I would assume that this is a result of Sub drops in Wow, but I would have paid more to keep the options that were once available to me. Perhaps your target customer has changed though, and I guess I can understand that if that’s the case. I guess I will have to back to doing things the hard way…

The site has changed over the years, for sure. You can still do what you want to do, I’d be happy to help you out if you give me some specific examples.

If you just want to simulate specific items, you can go to https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator

You can load a character or pick a generic character and change the gear to exactly what you want to simulate. We don’t offer an export to SimC anymore - instead we created our own simulator that hooks directly into our user interface. You can pick any item in our database to simulate in the Gear section on step 3. Use the arrow on the left of the items to expand them and modify them to the item level/mods you want.

If you don’t want to simulate, you can check out items with the optimizer as well. The Gear Check or BiS sections both provide complete lists of items for each slot. You can still edit them with the arrow on the left - we use the same UI for the simulator and optimizer. You might have to mess around with the mythic+ level for mythic+ items to get the exact variant you want.

Gear in general has become more complicated in WoW, which is why the options on the site have had to get more complicated along with it. We try our best to present it in a user-friendly manner, but feedback is always welcome. Like I said, if you want to get into specifics of an item you are trying to find/simulate, I can show you how to do that and then you should be able to use the site for all your needs.

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