Explorer Neck Gem Sockets in Flightstone Upgrade Finder


Shalkeel’s Rememberance is showing up as the highest upgrade for my flightstones/crests, but when I upgraded it, the BiB is not showing it.

Neck gem sockets cannot be put on this neck, I guessing because the base level item without upgrades is a green item, although I reckon this is a bug in the game. I think this came up before in a previous post for BiB, and you have implemented a change to ensure they cannot be socketed. However, I’m guessing you haven’t implemented that same code with the flightstone upgrade finder, hence why this neck is showing up as my highest upgrade.

Do you have a base version of this item? In the item data its base quality is blue/rare. I’m wondering if there is a particular bonus ID that reduces the base quality at lowest upgrade level, and maybe we can use that to try and guess at which items can’t have sockets added.

I was not able to determine how the game is deciding which necks can’t have sockets added.

I had already upgraded it on that character, but I just got a base version on my druid


It’s the quest reward from the Rest Well, Warrior quest, the quest where you help bury the Centuar who died from Fyrakk in the opening cinematic for Patch 10.1. So one of the first upgradable quest rewards you get from the quest chain to get down to Zaralek Cavern

It is clearly a green item at the base level, and from memory, doesn’t turn blue until the 2nd or 3rd upgrade. The upgrade finder is also showing it as something I should upgrade for my druid, showing the gem sockets.


Looks like I was incorrect in thinking this was fixed in BiB. For my druid, one of my healing specs is showing this neck with gem sockets in it, which I know will not work.

In our next update I’ll take a guess at which neck items can’t have sockets added.