Exporting multiple strategies per spec

Hi there,

Love the addon and recommend it to all my guildmates. As a Druid who likes to play all kinds of content, is there any way to export not just Guardian, Feral, Restoration, and Balance but also Restoration - M+ and Restoration - Raid Healing and so on? Right now I’m exporting to addon as normal, then doing a best-in-bags for M+ and manually saving the results as a set.

Also, if I do best-in-bags for just Restoration as it is now, and then hit export to addon - what strategy is being used for my other 3 specs? Cheers!

We will be adding support for multiple sets per spec soon – it is on my short list of features to hit up now that we have the first round of adaptive strategies ready for Uldir.


Amazing, thanks, it would be incredible to have feral aoe, feral single, balance aoe, balance single, raidheal, dungeon heal, dps tank, defensive tank! Thank you for all of your hard work.