Feature Request: Don't change essences from higher set Option

Often we would like “quick change” sets, like swapping between AoE and SingleTarget sets. It’s unrealistic to expect to change Essences when doing these swaps. It would be nice to have an option that says “Lock in essences that higher set uses”

Currently you can memorize all 3 that the high set uses and then manually lock them in for each lower set, but it’s like 12 clicks thru multiple menus PER set, and when you regularly upgrade gear and swap the main set’s essences, it then screws up all the lower sets and you have to re go thru and manually change all 3 for each lower set again

just manually lock them after running BiB once

As I said, that’s about 4 clicks times 3 essences times 3 or more sets, every time you change a single piece of gear on the main set.

It’s both error prone and adds a significant amount of time and annoyance. Especially when, you can have different minor essences for different specs, but rarely for the same spec. You’ll frequently want to swap gear based on different fights, but almost never will you run back to MOTHER to swap minor essences first. JUST the items.

It makes a lot of sense intuitively to have the requested option

you don’t need to run back to mother, tomes allow you to swap
if you want I can share a set of macros/ addons that in one click allow you to chage essenses, talents and gear, and only needs the essences to be manually set up when exporting a new gear set from amr

Well I feel like an idiot. I’ve been going all the way back to MOTHER chamber to change those multiple times a day…

They can be changed whenever talents can, damn I’m dumb. Thank you for the heads up sir <3

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You’re not the only one who’s done that. :wink:

On my rogue I’ve just been using different specs for different fight types, Assassination for ST and Pirate (Outlaw) for AoE/trash.
This way the talents and essences are saved per spec and I can just change spec and gear when out of combat, given you’re playing the melee hunter spec you might not want to swap but it does make it easy.

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I use a second addon alongside AMR called BTWLoadouts, which lets you save talent, essence, equipment manager, action bar assignments and pvp talents all to selectable profiles.

Since it interfaces with the stock WoW equipment manager, AMR will update the equipment selections automatically, and I simply lock in essence choices when I update my gearing and it’s remembered for all five/six of my various AMR setups until it changes again.

Bit of overhead but single click between updates. Very convenient.