Feral Druid and the Strength weapon from Jailer

While the Gavel of the First Arbiter can’t drop for Feral’s in Sepulcher, we can buy it from the Puzzling Cartel Dinar vendor.

Apparently it is simming as the BiS weapon for feral due to the proc. At the moment we can’t select it in the upgrade finder.

Not a big rush, as we won’t be able to buy it for a few weeks, but it would be nice to do some planning :slight_smile:

I can try to add an exception for that strength weapon to make it show up for feral in the next update.

Might as well enable it for Guardian while you’re at it - I’ve heard that they’re looking at Gavel as well.

Yeah I’ll make it show up for feral, guardian, and I guess survival too (nvm it’s a mace).