Filtering out armour types

Is there a way to filter out particular armour types. I’m a Holy Paladin in Classic WoW and whilst I know that most of the best gear for me is cloth, I’d like to be able to compile a BIS list of only plate and mail.

If this isn’t possible could there be an option for requiring a certain amount of armour, or even a straight armour type filter for the BIS list where you get add filters for +hit or Nature resist, etc.

We can put this on the list of things to do in the future… but it would probably be a low priority for now since you would have to sacrifice a lot to stick with just mail and plate, and when healing you really don’t need the armor – nothing is doing physical damage to you.

For now, when you bring up a per-slot list by clicking on any item in your Best in Slot solution, you can type “plate” or “mail” into the search box to see only plate or only mail items, respectively.