Find Best In Slot Ignoring All Filters

My goal was to find the best dps low-level PVP gear to buy.

I turned off all raids.
I set Mythic+ level to NONE
Set crafted level to NONE
Set Legendary level to 190
Set PVP type to aspirant
Set PVP level to 158
No BoE items set to ON
No Faction items set to ON
The rest are default
Here is the snapshot

I should be getting either an error or just pvp gear. But instead I seem to be getting a filterless maxed-out raid set of items.

Best in Slot will always include the loaded character’s equipped gear as an option. Try starting from a character with lower level gear equipped. The generic characters have a representative set of higher level gear.

Also, make sure to uncheck all the raid bosses and world bosses in the boss filters.