Finding Upgrades Across All Sources

I primarily used AskMrRobot to find upgrades. In the past, I could click on a slot and see all items ranked regardless of source.

In the current Upgrade Finder, Step 2 to is “Pick a Search” which lists multiple categories of what I called in my previous paragraph as sources. The “searches” list “Bonus Roll”, “Raid”, “Mythic+ Cache”, etc. I do not see an option for search all the categories.

To search all sources, it seems I would need to click thru each category, manually record the items I am interested in each category, then compare the items on my manual list.

There is a filter in Step 3 where I can enter the name of a slot such as Chest and view only Chest pieces. However, that is after Step 2, which requires the items to be filtered by a “search”, such as “Bonus Roll” or “Raid” or what I would call a source category.

Am I missing something? Is there a way I can do in AskMrRobot where it generates a list of all the items for a gear slot across all the different types of sources?

I stopped using AskMrRobot when the site was revamped this way for the reasons above. I thought it was an oversight that would eventually be corrected and or made more intuitive.

Thanks in advance

If you want a ranked list per-slot of all available relevant items, run either Gear Check or Best in Slot, get a result, then click on any item in the result. It will bring up a list of all available items, ranked.

Thank you yellowfive.

Gear check worked as you said it would and is exactly what I was looking for. It lists my currently equipped item in the list and gives a rank and % better or worse than my current.

Best in Slot has a list. I saw this earlier. But it does not include the currently equipped item so I can get a quick better or worse.

Sadly, I still do not find the redesign intuitive. I do not consider myself a techie, but I did design software used by fortune 500 companies for years and managed programmers. Our users were less tech than me. We had to make it really intuitive or people get would frustrated and not use it. I feel like one of those users atm.

I think the change was forced by the sheer amount of gear there is now, having it all in one list you can then filter was too slow and people have no patience!
I suspect it’s a significant extra load on the servers too.

The redesign is definitely more geared towards the most common use cases on the site. Not very many people were using the ranked lists per slot, so we decided it was ok to make getting to that involve an extra step. A lot of people were having questions related to setting up optimization, so we focused on clarifying that part of the process.

The site isn’t like most websites, it is more like an application because it does so much. Making it intuitive and obvious for all use cases is basically impossible because of the complexity. I think that we have improved the experience overall with each redesign, though. Always room for improvement, but at some point you have to go with something.

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