Force a minimum of certain stats, e.g. hit


I have substantial items that provide me with Hit, yet I cannot Force the minimum of six Hit that I want.

When I use the snapshot that you provided me, it is doing exactly what you told it to do: it is getting you 6% total hit, which would leave you with a 3% chance to miss with your yellow attacks.

I’m guessing that what you actually wanted was 9% hit, which would give you a 0% chance to miss with your yellow attacks?

Is the benefit from the Gloves not being calculated? If the Gloves take my Hit from 9% to 6% wouldn’t I then want to adjust my Hit to 6% accordingly?

I have increased the Hit to 9% and see then that my Hit in AMR is 6%… so… it is apparently doing exactly what I want. My error was that I was doing the math that addon is designed to do… my bad.

In a nutshell… keep up the great work AMR, it is appreciated.

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Yeah… We were really happy when blizzard took hit and weapon skill out of the game. So confusing.

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