Gear from Legion

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is: Mr Robot keeps telling me to wear old trinkets I have in my bank instead of clearly better ones I have in my bag. I even tried deleting one of the old trinkets to see if it fixed then it found another one to use instead of a clear BfA upgrade. Even when trying to "lock"in a BfA trinket on the site, when exporting to the addon it still tells me to equip the old one.

That’s most likely caused by one of your settings, e.g. how many On-Use items you want to allow.

To get a specific answer you’ll have to create a snapshot of your settings, gear etc. by clicking the “Help” link above Best in bags and post the created snapshot id here. The direct link to your character does not include that data, as it’s specific to your user account.

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Not going to bother because yes that seems to be it. Changed my “on use” max to none and it stopped doing it. I understand that its following the rule but seems silly that the “on use” makes it not worth using over a previous expansion item.

Thank you though, that did help.