Gearing strategy - what to choose - fine tune or normal BiB

Hi there,

long time user, first time poster so be gentle its my first time :wink: xD

i have only one question to ask:)

which is the best way to determine ur gear in BiB ?
I know there is a customization button and i know me can do things there, like stats value and so on but is it worth or does the automatically equipment search the job for lets say a m+16 ? I mean i dont want to be bothered anymore and think about gearing strategies ( after 12 years of thinking it is enough - doesnt get better with wow these days ). i mean i know for VDH the best stats are iLvL > Haste > Vers so i could do a tuning in stats ike 900 haste 900 vers 100 crit 100 mastery for example or even fine tune it. If i go full TUF for M+ and dont do anything in fine tuning will it be enough to sustain dungeons (excluding the players part of playing) mathematically?

i hope u know what i mean truly getting lazy about those things xD

If your goal is to be lazy, go with the defaults. The default suggestions are good and they work. Defaults aren’t always “on-meta” but that’s ok - there is more than one way to gear that works well.

I commend and support your decision to be lazy about gearing. AMR is the perfect site for you.

Thx Swol thats the spirit xD

Yeah, and after 2 or three years using Mr.Robot (and btw its far easier to navigate and other things than Raidbots, dont know what they hype about this one ^^) i cant live without it, so never ever stop this service

and thx to all who work on amr u all are amazing !!!

As long as people are still playing WoW, we’ll be around. I mean, if we weren’t here, who would all the other theorycrafters have to complain about?