Gearing Strats - Frost Mage

I am a tad confused; I found the BiB and ranked list recommendations way out of wack with what logic told me; long story, but I followed the advice about creating a gearing strategy… which involved running a somwhat lengthy process on my local machine, with the only real input being what gear I was wearing and what typical “stuff” (consumables) I use raiding. Is my assumption correct that this gives you a "better"picture of me than just seeing what gear/talents I have chosen, i.e. how the gear in concert actually performs? Yes I can see for you to come up with the resuts that went into my “gearing strategy” for ALL the permutations of gear and talents I COULD be using might make a m$ controlled machines blue screen.

Long story, but I have tried both Frost Mage “strategies” of the TV build vs. the GS build, suffce it to say I perform better as GS and FAR prefer it’s playstyle to the TV build. So I hear that you have a new set of AMR strategies taking into account both builds and I assume recognizing the latest nerf the mothership has hit us with. Switching from my “simulated” strat to the AMR one created a new BiB, some whose choices I wasn’t sure about (like going from 2 pc set bonuses for both t19 & 20 to just 4 pc t19). Plus I was very unhappy it had me tossing away my Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish, I REALLY enjoy that one and find it HUGELY useful. I simmed it both ways and found the “simulated” strat one to give me about 20-25k extra dps. Would you expect this to happen this way? Did I just make the argument that it is, indeed, better to run a gearing strategy simulation?

Give me your export from the addon and a link to your custom gearing strategy and I changed take a look.