Good Stat Distribution


When I do BiB, it tells me that I have a very good stat distribution…

I remember back in time when it said stuff like, you should aim for more of this… and the optimal stat sheet would agree with that… but now it keeps trying to average all stats…

is this an error on my side? I have searched and found some thread replies that said that gear weights are done differently etc…

But if i see the optimal stat, and then you see that the BiB system is telling me to average all the stats, then something is wrong.


EDIT: and yes I get I can custom stat… I just remember the BiB function would tell you to better your gear in some way and not just tell you you have a good stat distribution when that stat distribution is not good

not ranting nor complaining… i just feel like there is an issue or something on my side

What you are seeing is that, for Havoc, it really doesn’t matter much which stats you use. The difference between the “worst” stat distribution possible and the best is very small - to the point where the optimizer isn’t going to move stats around much. Azerite, Essences, Corruptions are what is going to matter more for this spec.

Thanks Swol…

If I understand correctly, what you are saying is that, even when the optimal stat graph says that maxing versatility and dumping mastery is the 100% best DPS… If I go the opposite, the DPS will average the same based on the other factors you mention?

So… I can go hywire on gear and AMR will say… oh this guy has crap gear, let me fix it with this and that azerite power.

if this is right… then yes… DH is such a faceroll class haha.

I mean, TBH, havoc really is a faceroll spec. It has one of the most basic rotations in the game, but it is fun to dash around and do lots of damage. Specs like this where the relative values of the stats are close together are more interesting to me as a player, because I can customize the stats to what I prefer instead of feeling boxed in to a certain build.

yes, I am a casual player ( for wow standards ) so facerolling is my thing.

Thank you again.