Great Vault socketed item showing huge negative value

I have 3 items in my great vault from mythic +. The highest ilvl one is a 216 with a socket bonus on it - the great vault optimizer ranks this at -19.4%, which just cannot be correct. It’s plus every stat (same item actually, just higher ilvl) and adds a socket.

Press the “help” link next to the big “Upgrade Finder” section header, then click Create Support Post and copy the snapshot ID here. With that we can try your specific case and see what’s up.


We did an update that resolves some of the issues in your case (the off-hand showing up twice, the large negative ranking). But there is a second issue that I’m still working on – should have an update sometime tomorrow.

Any details on the second issue? More specifically, is AMR mostly right for my caes here?

Edit: I see now that only one item is showing positive with the other two being moderately negative.

Still working on it – the top-ranked item will always be correct, but I’m working on the lower-ranked items showing up a bit lower than they should be in some specific cases.

I just posted an update that should resolve this issue. It only seemed to happen in specific cases for casters with 1h+oh vs 2h weapon combo options.

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