Great Vault upgrade finder very broken

Snapshot ID: 4bfbbe652b90437286f764a9ffe9c1a2

This ranking seems completely broken:

  • The 213 waist is shown as a +4.26% upgrade but that’s what I currently have equipped.
  • The 200 chest is shown as a +3.53% upgrade when I have the same thing equipped but 213.
  • The weapon token isn’t even showing up in the rankings.
  • I would have expected either the ring or the trinket to be the biggest upgrade, but instead AMR thinks it’s the cloak.

Any idea what’s up with that?

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I was about to file the same bug report.

I am being told that my best upgrade is +3.84% (200 ilevel from N Nathria), even though when I look it up in the upgrade table for Normal Nathria, it’s only 0.09% upgrade. I know the calculations are different between the finders, but I think the great vault one seems to have a bug. The item it’s recommending is only 3 item level difference, with a minor delta in stats (+2 Intellect, -2 Haste, +3 Mastery).

For now I’m going through the work of looking up the upgrade values from each of the upgrade flows other than “great vault” calculator.

I have result that doesn’t coincide to the “upgrade finder” result or either manual simulation result.

I’ll take a look – I was able to reproduce the issue with delroth’s snapshot. This is a new kind of ranking (required some fancy code to make it perform well enough to do more thorough optimizations of every single item in the list), and it ran into some issues with unique constraints in some cases.

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I posted an update that should resolve this and similar issues.

You may need to change a setting and re-optimize Best in Bags to get the cache to clear.

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