Greaves of Forbidden Magics stat issue

I have read this post and still have a question.
Hello AMR, unsure if I’m posting this in the correct section or not but here goes, just running a BIB and I noticed it tells me to equip "Greaves of Forbidden Magics (460 ilvl), that according to the AMR tool tip the stats are +200 Crit, + 120 Versa, the Blizzard in game tool tip actually shows these as + 200 Crit,+ 120 Mastery, which obviously throws out the stat balancing, just a FYI really.
Thanks in advance of the amendment.

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My question is:

Thanks for the report – I’ll fix this in the next update. We got the latest item data from wowdb yesterday but they had the wrong stats for several items… so we’ll fix that up and regenerate it.