Guardian and Feral Druid best-in-bags recommending Intellect

Guardian and Feral Druid specs, AMR best in bags (using default raid priorities for Ursoc) keeps suggesting Intellect gems and enchantments. It’s also suggesting some questionable and inconsistent secondary stats.

Since I’m a new user I can only post one screenshot. I guess you’ll have to take my word for the other spec.

Here’s the other screenshot.

Do you have e.g. Balance set as a higher priority spec, and don’t have much gear? It will gem and enchant shared items for the highest priority spec. You can drag to reorder in step 1 of best in bags.

Thanks for the reminder to check. I initially had it set as 3rd, but I restarted and it is now set as 1st (Guardian 2nd, Feral 3rd). Not sure why it changed - possibly drunken/tired click and drag? Or maybe a random reset.