Guardian and Layered Mane

In my guardian druid gear setup (2nd priority of 5), I want one azerite piece to have layered mane but not 2 or 3 pieces. Is this possible to specify in the optimizer? I’ve tried choosing Layered Mane in the alternate setups in the 3 tiers but the results have Layered Mane in each slot.

In the meantime, I’m choosing Layered Mane/no-stat-preference as Tier 1 alternative option, then locking in one of the highest ilevel pieces, then removing the preference and re-optimizing (with one piece locked). Seems there could be a better way. :smile:

Current BiB:

Edit: None of the gearsets suggest using the mechagon trinket so I wonder if I’ve somehow screwed that up. I have a bunch of cards for it and am surprised it isn’t recommended for my 4th or 5th set.

There isn’t a better way to handle that type of customization yet, but we are working on something that would allow finer control of azerite preferences.