"Healer dps" blender seems to be not blending

Hi !

Just a random thing, between “mostly dps” and “all dps”, it seems like it’s black or white for mistweaver
Take a look between :
All offense: 24a02ddb4fd74306ac1b0e06d25ac647
Mostly dps: 39d7f686682f419597e69c8f012c761c

Probably just because i haven’t reach the “healing threshold”. Can you confirm ?

That is interesting, I’ll have to dig into it to see if it’s a “bug” or not. It looks like, as soon as you say that you care about healing even a little, mastery once again has value and haste becomes less valuable, which prompts the change in gear. You don’t have very many items in your bags to choose from at the higher item levels, which probably also has something to do with it.

I’ll have to see how we “blend” the DPS and Healing. Maybe it is pushed too far towards healing and we could adjust it to make a slightly smoother transition.

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I was expecting the trinkets to change from any healing trinKet to a dps one just for the small boost it provide but i may be wrong.

I looked at this some more – I think that the healing thresholds were set a bit high, so our next update will dial them back a little to hopefully make it easier to get a blend of DPS and healing gear.

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Ho nice ! Thank you ! It seems already in place apprently ! Nice ! “Some hps” is giving me exaclt what i was expecting. <3