Heart of Darkness being selected even though I have corruption at 19

I have corruption set at 19 and yet Heart of Darkness is being chosen. This will never be used as it needs 25+ corruption.
Or is it the Base Corruption that this trait works off ? EDIT : Checked Wowhead and it’s active corruption. So my question stands.


The optimizer uses total corruption (after resistances) to activate that trait. When you post your snapshot we can take a closer look and see what is going on in your case.

Okay I am at a loss. Where is the Help Link to Create Support Post ?

Hehe. So that’s where it was hiding :smiley:


Hiding in plain sight!

So there’s nothing wrong with Heart of Darkness here… the issue is that no azerite trait on that tier has any value, so it’s just picking one. If you set your azerite threshold to 0.25% then it doesn’t change anything. I can try to put in a check for cases like this to leave your current choice alone.

Must admit I’ve not checked into that option before. Good to know about it.
Agree that it would be wise to put something in for the odd cases like this.
Thanks :slight_smile: