Hit or Expertise on AMR don't match my character sheet

Why do the hit and/or expertise on the AMR char sheet not match what I’m seeing in-game? We get this question a lot. 99% of the time our calculations are correct – the differences are because the in-game character sheet is not very good or useful.

What causes differences?

Blizzard is extremely inconsistent about which buffs and talents they include in the character sheet total. On the other hand, AMR is extremely consistent about it. We include all buffs, debuffs and talents that give you hit or expertise as long as they affect all abilities. This is most of them.

An example of something we don’t include would be a talent that only gives you chance to hit with Arcane spells rather than all spells.

Always check your selected raid buffs and debuffs too! In particular, improved faerie fire debuff gives spell hit, which will never show up on the character sheet in-game. We include it because it’s way more useful to know what your final hit chance will be after all buffs and debuffs.

How can i check if Mr. Robot is correct?

If you see a difference, always do the following check first:

  1. Pull out your favorite calculator
  2. Go through the item tooltips for all of your gear, and add up the hit rating (or expertise rating) that you see – be sure to include socket bonuses, gems, and enchants!
  3. Divide by the appropriate conversion factor (listed below)

Hit rating conversion factor: 32.78998947
Spell hit rating conversion factor: 26.23199272
Expertise rating conversion factor: 8.1974973675

That will give you a value like “5.44” for 5.44%. If it is different than what you see in-game, check: is it different by some flat amount like 3% or 4%? Good chance we’re including a talent in the display that the game is not. Go through your talents and look for ones that give hit, add it in. Does it match now?

Still doesn’t match?

If you have added it up, included talents, and it still is off, most of the time that is because your gear and/or talents are different in-game than on the website. Double check! Is everything exactly the same?

If it still doesn’t match up, make a post with a snapshot and we can double-check it for you and see if anything is going on.