How can I turn off the Auto Junk List option>?

How can I turn off the Auto Junk List option>? I turned it on under the Options tab but now the checkbox to turn it on/off isnt showing up under the Options tab anymore. Help please.

You can try /amr reset to restore all settings to default.

and how/where do I do the /amr reset you are stating>?

Type it in the chat box in game.

Nada, did NOT work, no resolve…

Some people have had an issue with the addon not rendering all of the options… sometimes happens when you change your UI scale with the option we provide. Try setting that back to 1.0 if you have changed it.

If that doesn’t work, you can reset your addon settings. If you use e.g. the twitch client, the easiest way is to uninstall the addon and choose the option to also remove its settings, then reinstall the addon.

Hmmm, when trying to find the UI setting you refer to that options page ended up going back to normal when I clicky on it. The UI setting was already at 1. But the issue is resolved for now. So, thank you anyway eh. Peace. Take it easy.