How do I get my stat weights?

Hello, I have multiple alts and I use pawn as well, but my stat weights for pawn are out dated and a friend of mine told me I can get stat weights for my class/spec from AMR. How can I do this? cheers.

Stat weights are no longer a thing - we’ve proved the balance between your stats is more important.

But if you really want you can still get stat weights from the simulator. Run a Gear Simulation, and on the results page scroll paste the Machine Learning - Stat weight sections is after it.

They will only roughly apply, and even then they only apply to your specific build/gear as it is right now. A single item change and you’ll need new stat weights.

We actually added a Pawn export: Pawn Addon Guide

Please read that forum post in full so that you know what you are getting! Pawn can be very convenient as long as you use it properly.