How do I save a BiS profile forever!?

In short: How do I save a gear profile permanently?

My story: I selected my main from the armory and said BiS then edited a lot of items out. This is simply to help me remember what boss to use tokens on. After coming back the next day to check, all my work was GONE! And I had ‘saved’ the profile in the simulator section. As a member of the website can’t I save a profile permanently to view it? I also have the Addon so if I could view my ‘wishlist’ from there it would be great but the new askmrrobot seems to have a lot of settings missing, at this state I cannot recommend it to my guildies.

Thank you

If you save a setup in the simulator, you can press the LOAD menu option to view a list of your saved setups. Those are saved indefinitely.

We don’t have a way to save a best-in-slot profile directly on the gear optimizer at the moment… we used to have ways to save profiles a few expansions ago, but hardly anyone used it or has asked for it since.

But saving a setup on the simulator page is a decent workaround if you just want to remember a specific set of gear for later.

Thank you for clarifying.

Yes, I remember and loved the old askmrrobot but why a fundamental feature such as saving is left out is beyond me, especially if a lot of people didn’t use it (that is good for you guys, less storage cost). The downside to saving my custom build in the simulator section is that the gear filter does not apply to it if I want to make changes. E.g. if my characters gear is filtered to Heroic bosses only, but my guild progresses to mythic, so I now tick that Mythic loot is available to me or Mythic+15 instead of +10 dungeons. Then when I click on e.g. a shoulder slot on the saved sim profile (that was simed when my filter was set to Heroic only items), it will not give me an option of the Mythic raid items or Mythic +15 dung items. Hope that made sense, might be something you want to look into. I can think of two solutions, add a ‘loot filter’ to the simulator page or link the sim page with your armory characters loot filter.

With that said you guys have an excellent product and service but there is definately room for improvement, I think for any database or spreadsheet styled service a filter and save feature is a must.

You can apply all the same filters and options on the simulator page as the gear page – on the simulator page, click any slot to bring up the list of items. In the top-right is an options button. You can use that to show all the same filters and stuff.