How long until hotfixes make it to the website sims?

So, there are some changes to Azerite traits on a hotfix yesterday (or today maybe?). How long until those things are reflected on the gear evaluations?

Seconded. Maybe we could have a new version of the Simulator Updtae Log that we had in Legion.

We have an update log on the optimizer page that will be functioning “soon”. We did post an update with the hotfix stuff last night though - an update to the simulator. We ran the new rankings overnight and will post soon.

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Are the Azerite traits ion Best in Bags still reflecting the old values?

This still looks not to be updated. Damage from laser matrix on my gear in game not matching whats on AMR.

Laser Matrix has been updated. If you think there’s a bug link some more info and we can take a look.

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