I continue to be the laughing stock using AMR

There’s a ring upgrade available at the “anniversary raid”. No one in trade chat knows what I’m I’m talking about. I tell them I’m using AMR, been using it for years. What is the “anniversary raid”?

The so-called “anniversary raid” was part of the event Blizzard implemented for 2 months starting November last year to celebrate the 15th anniversary of WoW where you could fight a few bosses from previous expansions and get loot scaled to your current level (up to item level 420 for level 120).

Those items were only available then and it’s no longer possible to obtain them although you obviously can still use them if you already own them.

While it might be best to remove those item from the upgrade finder to not unnecessarily confuse people I don’t think it’s that big of an issue as we’re at a point where you’ll get better items from doing world quests alone.

As far as I know, none of the upgrade finder searches will return anniversary raid items. They will still appear in the full item list for each slot, and in Best in Slot if you desire. You can check “No Anniversary Gear” when running Best in Slot to exclude them.

Oh, right - not sure why I thought those items could appear there when there is no search that could include them. :man_facepalming:

Yea, but it’s default. How are people to even know that? Most people just try and rely on AMR to give them the lastest sims, not from 8 months ago.