Ignore Sockets on Upgrade Finding

Hi, thanks for a great tool.

I think there is a feature missing or at least i dont know how to do this.

The situation is i have a non BIS item which is socketed, now if i get my BIS item and buy a socket from Venari for it, it is better than my current item. However i am unable to see which items this applies to in the upgrade finder and BIS finder as they do not account for me being able to put sockets in items.

I would love a feature that could e.g. Include/Exclude sockets for upgrade finding and BiS finding.

An example is i have “Cinch of Infinite Tightness” with a socket, and using the upgrade finder and BIS finder i dont find any item that is better. Altho if i get “Shadewarped Sash” and socket it, it is a better item for me.
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When looking at items in the ranked list on Best in Slot, you can modify the item to add a socket and see how it would rank:

You can do something similar using the “Add to my bag” feature of the upgrade finder to see how any specific item variant would rank.

Ok thanks, i had not noticed the dropdown option there. At least now i will be able to check it.
But adding an option for e.g. “All items have sockets” would make the process less tedius :slight_smile:

A dropdown on the upgrade finder would be great for this. I have been missing out on upgrades because I had not noticed it wasn’t including a socket.