I'm getting errors from the plugin

Says it is having ace 3 issues

That is most likely an issue with a different addon that uses the shared ace 3 library. Try disabling your other addons and see if you still have the issue. If not, you’ll have to go through your addons one at a time to find the offender.

As of this morning the Addon does not popup anymore - I do frequent updates of mu addons using curseforge with the app

I enabled the script errors to see whats going on. After I disabled all addons (except elvui - i cannot live without it) i got the following errors:

Message: Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Gear.lua:1360: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
Time: Sun Sep  4 12:28:19 2022
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Gear.lua:1360: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
[string "=[C]"]: ?
[string "@Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Gear.lua"]:1360: in function `EquipGearSet'
[string "@Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Core.lua"]:29: in function `OnClick'
[string "@Interface\AddOns\AskMrRobot\Libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0.lua"]:131: in function <...dOns\AskMrRobot\Libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0.lua:131>

So please fix this


I’m not able to reproduce this error. Nothing has changed in the addon code for quite a while – this latest update simply bumped the interface version so it wouldn’t appear as out of date.

There must be something specific to your case causing this issue… maybe your saved variables got deleted somehow, or your gear sets are in an unusual state – hard to say. That error seems to indicate that it is trying to equip a gear set that doesn’t exist. Do you have the option to automatically equip gear sets on spec change? Perhaps try disabling that, and then re-import your gear sets. Let me know if that resolves the issue.

where can I see that? Left click does not do anything and rightclick brings up de lua errors (because i did the /console scriptErrors 1)

Oke - I deleted AskMrRobot.lua from SavedVariables and it works again.
Never occurred to me that it could be faulty - thx