Import issue that needs fixed

So when I import, the drop down menu doesn’t default to the selected export. So if I choose a label like resto raid vs maybe resto mythic, it would be nice after I import for the selected drop down from the in game addon would actually be on the one I selected online. This has caused me much confusion and I just recently realized it was switching in game. It made me feel that the addon was buggy. I don’t think many people realize this is happening. I mean to the point I even was reloading ui to get it to be on the correct one.

The issue is that it’s sometimes tough to tell which one is active in-game. If you have two resto setups… it’s hard to tell based on your current setup which one you want to be active, especially if you have temporarily swapped an item or chosen a different talent.

In theory we could write some code to take a better guess at which one to select by default… but right now it always picks the top one for your current spec when you open the gear tab of the addon.