Import Stat weights to Pawn?

Is there a way to generate a string to import my weight from AMR to Pawn? Also if I use Machine Learing, how would I add that info into pawn?

There is no prebaked string to import, but you can just copy over the weights manually.

Machine Learning doesn’t use weights like Pawn does; it’s a different method of comparing gear that uses target stat values.

We are going to create some pawn integration that works with our machine learning gearing strategies in the near future (a couple weeks or so).

It will let you create, more or less, a “one-time use” pawn string for your current gear. Whenever you change an item, you’d then export a new one.

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Has this Pawn integration happened yet? If so, how do I find it?

was hoping to see this functionality added as well, super easy using raidbots for the string but would prefer AMR to create my strings

Hasn’t happened yet. Once we get the first round of version 3 gearing strategies done we hope to do some of these other updates.

Dear Ask Mr. Robot Humans,

Could we get an update on this? I’ve come back to wow from a long break in time for patch 7.3 and am heartbroken AMR dropped stat weights completely. While I understand the reasoning for it, many users heavily use on addons to highlight which pieces of gear are an upgrade to help them with focusing on the raid and not fiddling with gear.

Being able to generate a one-time use pawn string would be very handy feature to have until, if ever, the AMR addon gains this features.


Coming very soon!

I unfortunately have a trip planned that coincides with the 7.3 patch… I wanted to add this with 7.3, but it may have to wait until after my trip (end of September). Not sure yet, hopefully I can finish it before I leave, but if not, will add it shortly after I return.

You’re wonderful <3.

Pawn exports are now available: Pawn Addon Guide