Import to Pawn addon?

I installed the Pawn addon. I have no idea what buttons, or which keys, I press in-game to “…copy the text into Pawn.”

Pleas treat me like a complete newb, and an idiot, and tell me exactly what to do, leaving out not the tiniest step.

Thanks so much.

Try searching before posting, top right of this page has a search button.
I clicked it and before I finished typing the whole word it produced this link.

Cluey, I posted after my third intense, careful, slow, read-through of the “Pawn Addon Guide” including all of the posts. It has nothing about how to opperate Pawn In-Game!!

I am asking for the steps to paste the AskMrRobot string into Pawn inside the running WoW game.

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Here’s a step by step guide on how to import stat weights from AMR into Pawn.

  1. Open your Escape Menu
  2. Go to interface
  3. Go to addons
  4. Click Pawn
  5. Click the small icon in the window that says “Pawn”
  6. Switch Scales to Manual
  7. Press the import button
  8. Paste your string

You’re done.


Thank you so much. Your response was perfect. You left noting out. I followed your steps and was done in less than a minute. Wow, you are great.

How in the world was I supposed to know that?!??? AskMrRobot, and Bartender put little icons on the rim of the mini-map; Auctioneer, Postal, and MapCoord just run in-game. I have played WoW for nine years, and this is the first time I have seen this Add-On behavior, and was totally at a loss.

There’s another addon called StatWeightScore that’s a bit more intuitive imo, but it hasn’t been updated with the newest gems so I’d hold off on it.

To be fair, a beginner to the Pawn addon (myself included a few years back) would use just the default settings that come with the addon. Using imports, such as the ones from AMR, are definitely something that’s a little more high order. I do wish there were better instructions; on that note you are correct.

Great job to @nemo296 for the clear and concise instructions!