In Maw/Sanctum does not work anymore

It just don’t work. Even when I activate it stays the same. It does not make me equip 3 of the same kind shards. This just happened since some minutes ago. It must be some kind of bug.

Could you provide a snapshot where this is happening? Instructions on how to do that here:


When I select In Maw/Sanctum box the box does not work.
In the past 3 gem would be selected to activate the power of the maw/sanctum now nothing happens.

I’m seeing the same thing (now that the optimizer works for me again). I didn’t inspect the results to closely when I tested it, but since I read this post, I went back and checked. The optimizer isn’t giving me the set bonus, either.

Here’s another snapshot for you to compare against:



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Happening for me too, I was most confused so came to post about it.

And another one … because the 5th example is always where the bug is most obvious…

We’ll fix this in the next update. We’re currently recalculating strategies for the 9.1.5 patch coming on Tuesday, so we might not be able to do the update until tomorrow night or Monday. Though I’ll see if I can sneak in a smaller update before then.

I was able to post a quick update that I think should resolve this issue. Since we’re in the middle of doing all the 9.1.5 strategy recalculations though, I didn’t have as much time to test this fix as much as I would have liked. Please let me know if you are still encountering any issues.

We’ll review and test more cases on this issue before our 9.1.5 update probably sometime Monday.

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I tried it out and it seems back to normal, now. Thanks for the quick fix!