Infernal Cinders and Arms Warriors

How confident are we in the modeling and ranking for the Infernal Cinders trinket for Arms Warriors? AMR ranks even the 885 version WAY ahead of every other trinket with the exception of 925 Specter of Betrayal (using default settings, which I understand assumes nobody else in the raid has it)… but I can’t find any other SIM tool that ranks it in the top 20 trinkets with equal ilvl.

Beyond the disagreement with other SIM tools, it doesn’t “feel” right that it would be ranked well… Crit is one of the worst stats for Arms and our slower attack speed makes “chance on hit” less valuable compared to most other melee specs. I can also say anecdotally (I haven’t done deep log analysis on it, I’m just looking at the top-line number) that I do more damage with Engine of Eradication in place of Infernal Cinders where AMR says that my Cinders of the same ilvl is nearly 4% better.

Infernal Cinders is RPPM (as are most trinkets), so your attack speed is irrelevant for the most part – Arms will have a higher chance on each hit to trigger it, resulting in the same average number of procs compared to any other spec.

First thing to do would be to ensure that it is doing the proper damage per hit… does it look off to you? A quick look seems to match the latest spell data that I have. The proc rate looks correct to me as well… 10 rppm modified by haste.

I also have updated arms warrior gear rankings going live on the site this weekend – could see how that changes things as well.