Is it just me or do the beta sims really favor the Kyrian?

Maybe this is what blizzard wanted since before the latest round of nerfs I don’t know many people who were picking the kyrian covenant for anything other than the RP factor. I’m sure there were specs that favored it for raiding and M+ but I just wasn’t seeing it a lot.

I’ve fun 7 broad sims today, upwards of 40k setups. I’m picking only the first soulbind of each covenant and every run comes back with Pelegos and the Kyrian as the top simming DPS covenant. This may be 100% accurate, but it just seems weird that for the classes i’ve sim’d (MM/BM hunter, Fury/Arms warrior, Enh/Ele shaman), that one covenant reigns supreme.

Anyone seeing anything different for the mentioned classes? Maybe it was something I did wrong in my setup.

Couple things going on here:

The rotations are largely incomplete (especially for covenants) at the moment, so unfortunately your sims won’t give you a great idea of the actual balance yet. I’m getting close to the rotation optimization phase of the shadowlands development process, but I’m not there yet.

Blizz just started (with this past wednesday build) large sweeping balance passes at the covenants, so everything is going to change.

For hunters… resonating arrow is really OP right now. Vesper totem was really strong, but now it got nerfed. And, in general. Pelagos was massively overpowered compared to any other souldbind - to the point that he out-classed actual covenant ability choice in most cases. He has already been nerfed a little, and I expect to see more.

Yeah I know they made all those changes recently. Started to feel like we were paying the price for nobody wanting to play Kyrian for so long. I get things will change, that’s a constant. Class tunings were still happening well into Ny’alotha so it’s just a fact of life.

Resonating arrow may be op, but my ability to play it right now certainly is not.

Also, the first soulbind ability for Pelagos is one of the only top-row soulbind abilities with significant combat benefit, and it is also one of the strongest single soulbind abilities. I expect Let Go of the Past to be nerfed at least in half before they finish tuning… but I could be wrong.

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