Is the m+ sim too unrealistic?

It sims me at 45k dps playing Windwalker and I can’t put up that number no matter how well I play. I could probably get a lot closer if I had a really good group that did nothing but big pulls or perhaps in Motherlode but not at in your average one pack at a time run. I don’t see anyone do those kind of numbers overall except maybe the top groups like the guys that do MDI but they do big pulls. I did 34k at Underrot which I felt was pretty good but only 25-27k at KR and Siege. I think I follow the AMR rotation pretty well though I admit I need to do better at spreading mark of the crane debuff but I don’t think it would be anywhere near that huge of a difference.

Are you looking at your overall number after the entire dungeon? Even if you move pretty quick, there is a lot of down time. We simulate a short section of a representative dungeon – a couple packs back-to-back. You could certainly maintain pretty high DPS over a short stretch like that.

The situations that you find yourself in for M+ are so varied that the absolute number is not all that important – the relative value is what you care about for ranking gear.

I look at overall but I wonder if I changed the setting from effective dps to activity dps would it represent it better. Though I think effective still doesn’t count downtime when out of combat. Maybe since the mythic+ sim is so short, it doesn’t cycle cooldowns well. I do agree with you about the relative value being more important but I do wish the sims came a little closer.

They would only come closer if you simulated an entire mythic+ dungeon, which could certainly be done if that is what interests you. In my experience so far, the gear recommended by the mythic+ script closely mirrors the gear that people find to be best in mythic+

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