Is their support for Glimmerdin's?

Does this simulator support the Glimmer Holy Paladin build? It’s looks like it recognizes it but it suggests some pretty strange gearing strategies. Pretty much the opposite of what everyone else says, Such as getting rid of all haste possible.

Yes, it supports Glimmer of Light. The rotation in the simulator which we base the gearing strategies off of uses Holy Shock on cooldown and has logic to favor allies that don’t already have Glimmer of Light on them.

Glimmer of Light ranks way above the other azerite traits when I look at the rankings in the optimizer, and builds with it heal for a ton, which is what we expect to see. Haste is a stat that is difficult to calculate a relative value for unless you use a simulator. We are the only people using simulation to rank healing gear, so it is not surprising that we suggest different amounts of Haste than what other people would suggest.

Having a lot of Haste isn’t going to particularly benefit Glimmer of Light more than other stats. If you like gearing for Haste, use the Customize feature on BiB to push the optimizer towards a Haste build.

okay, so the gearing strategy suggested is going to be viable? I will test the recommendations tonight.

Yes, assuming you are standing close to the melee in your raid, the recommendations will be good. If you don’t think you can make good use of mastery in your raid with positioning, then you should use the customize feature to steer the optimizer away from mastery.