Is there a special behavior for the 'All offense' healing simulation?

I am running into a weird issue trying to setup BiB for my resto shaman.

When using the second-to-last DPS setting, BiB recommends using the Deeptremor legendary, as expected (snapshot 615a8fda81e541b9b602440840eaebb5)

However, if I go one more tick to the left to full DPS, the solution changes completely, and recommend the ele legendary, Windspeaker, which is weird, because I can’t trigger it as resto (2663da954e4743bea463cbeb1450bab6)

Does the ‘all offense’ setting just fall back to elemental?

The aim here is to get a setup for very easy M+, for example boosting a 15, where the healer role is to pump as much dps as possible, and healing is irrelevant.

We have a really simple implementation of DPS for the DPS estimates for healers. It is only single-target. Looking at it, I don’t think I’m even using the earth elemental, I’ll have to update that with deeptremor. I’d go ahead and lock in the deeptremor if you are looking to do DPS in mythic+ as resto. The current optimization is basically looking at the stats and not giving value to the legendary effect.

=O i though you were actually doing the gearing for DPS, and for HPS and with filter be able to find the closest to the targeted blend value (75%(maxHPS) & 25%(maxDPS) = this setup line

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That is how we do it. I meant that in this particular case, the rotation was missing an action to give value to Deeptremor. I added it to the rotation and we’ll re-calculate the data for resto shaman dps so that it picks it up.