Issue with best in bags on my mage

Hey all. I already submitted a support ticket but apparently Mr. Robot is on vacation for a week or so and I really miss being able to use best in bags to change out my gear. I have multiple toons, none of which I’ve ever had an issue with the best in bags feature… until now. Every time I try to use it while on my mage I get an error when I hit the export button. My main is fire and that’s what I am trying to use it on.

Here’s the issue that’s listed:

The specified gearing strategy could not be found: AmrKrosusHeroic|AmrMageFrostDefault|Heroic

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get around this?

Could you post the addon export string that you copied from the game to the website? With that I can try to reproduce it.

Absolutely. Here you go:

$51;US;Nazgrel;Zukô;Good Eats;5;1;110;12:1,8:1,13:1,4:54;2;.s1;13;;;;;.s2;14;2122121;748,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,577,32,161,1,106;1,3,3,3,3,3,3,4,3,3,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1;133096b664b1591b1809,133115b1611b1792b1809,;.s3;15;0000000;783;1;,,;.q2;121489s13v110b664;889s3b2928e5883;6442s16x133096y19;5139s17;364s12b-2110b342b1703;3006s14b-3487b1492b1996b45;2420s1b-192b4;4s6b-1b2;1675s9b-1914b1994b62;5338s15b-2006b286b1529b57;22s7b-1892b1834b58;444s5b-1752b67b1819b46;1s8b-1932b49b1837b46;30s2b-1932b115b1771b46;467s10b-2082b316b1528b236;36s11b-2090b2046b44;.r;_;.inv;6948;47495;0;0;0;17191;9421;29505;10454v110b605b1207;55v-2b-1208b1208;34v2b-100b100;223b-325b338b1702;5;0;259v0b-2760b966;72v-2b-965;60v-1b-1;534b2825;128b0;1729;2;2;1;1;2;3;313;1;1;3395;1028;2947;1074;692;588v3b-1780;189b-345b357b1703;173v-6b-1732;2013;156;68v6b17;6b-315b327b1515;1343;60;794;100v0b-1527;23b-325b321b16b1703;24b-2040b321b16b1703;680;9;12;379;380;10;345;101;262v0b-1715;156;159;47;5114b-320b316b17b1702;10b-2060b357b1703;16b-2060b1927b133;477b-1885b62b1824b46;0b-1932b45b1841b46;79;1$

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Thanks – I was able to reproduce this error, we’ll fix it in the next website update, either today or tomorrow.

Oh awesome news! Thanks @yellowfive