Issue with Best in Bags on Prot Pally

I picked up 7th Legionnaire’s Shoulderpads as a prot pally and it is recommending that I choose Light’s Decree for one of the Azerite powers. But this is a Retribution only Spec Azerite Power. Heart of Azeroth power level is 65.

Switch specs, then choose it, then switch back. It works in all specs.

Isn’t that pointless. It says spending holy power during Avenging Wrath causes you to explode with holy damage. It does increase Avenging wrath by 5 seconds. I’m guessing this is the benefit they are taking from that. At a glance 5 seconds on Avenging Wrath seems to be minimal compared to Inspiring Vanguard. Still feels off to me but thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I was able to select it in Ret spec and then switch back.

That 5 seconds actually has a lot of value - so it is a common choice for all paladin specs.