Item Level with one-handed weapon and no off hand vs. two-handed weapon

The best in bag feature is incorrectly stating the item level when equipping a one-handed weapon with no off hand vs a two-handed weapon. Unfortunately, I do not have an off hand at the moment. My Item level is 412 with just the one-handed weapon equipped in Resto spec, not 440 for as shown in the screen shot. This issue is happening with both the Restoration and Balance specs for my Druid.

Above the listing for/in the header of BiB, there’s a Help button, within the pop-out you can create a snapshot ID for your case; please can you post said snapshot ID so that the best assistance can be given to your case?

Thank you, in advance.

Yeah a test case always helps. I can put this on the list… probably low priority though. If you have gear equipped in every slot, it will calculate your item level correctly. That’s the 99% use case.

It appears that the issue has already been corrected as I can’t re-create the screenshot that was attached. The feature is now showing that I should keep the two-handed weapon equipped and reflects the corrected item level.

I assumed that I wouldn’t need to provide anything more than my username and the character with the example for a test case. I will make a note of this for future posts.

To be clear, I have gear in all slots per the left portion of the screenshot. The best in bag feature was showing that I should remove my two-handed weapon and replace it with a one-handed weapon with no off hand. While the one-handed weapon with no off hand has the potential be the better option, the item level was incorrect.

Thank you for your help.

For future reference, there is a “help” link next to the big “Best in Bags” section header, click that and then press “Create Support Post” – it generates a snapshot ID that you can put in a post for us (or anyone) to reproduce your exact case and help you out.