Item Upgrade - War Mode

Upgrade Finder doesn’t have a calculation of the upgrade worth of getting one of the 404 War Mode items from Corxian
Running a PvP - War Mode upgrade finder only shows 385

It was my understanding that the war mode gear comes in 366 and 385 item level variants. How do you get 404 variants? Note that these are PvE item level variants, not PvP item levels.

Going to the Item Upgrades fellow in Valdrakken
I have a 369 Drakebreaker’s Breastplate and a 372 Drakbreaker’s Sabatons
and both will upgrade to a 404 PvE item

OK, those are different than all of the sources I have seen online at e.g. wowhead that claim only 366 and 385 version are available (I unfortunately don’t have any of this gear myself).

I’ll see if I can find some more information about what base item levels and upgrade levels are actually available.

479 and 476 item level in PvP? That seems pretty high…

Nah. Tooltips are bugged. Known issue.

OK that makes more sense – yeah those screenshots aren’t tracking with anything I’m seeing for the war mode gear.