Items missing from vault rank & update

snapshot e7ad24f99f804c8d803f679d29b4f304 BM Hunter “Cullyeskie- staghelm” Yesterday March 28th, when I opened my vault I had 4 choices, a 418 bow (Neltharax), a 418 ring (Seal of Fillial Duty) and 2 other lesser gear. When asked to rank Robot selected the ring first followed by the other 2 lesser gear and added a 4th piece of gear that was not in the vault. The bow was not on the list. After a lot of thought I selected the Bow because I believed it was best in slot. But something is wrong either in the setup or my understanding of the application. So the bow which I think is best in slot was missing from the vault ranking.

This snapshot does not appear to have any great vault rewards – probably because you already chose one this week.

It’s a bit tough to debug vault issues without a snapshot of a setup with the vault rewards still available to choose. If you run into a problem like this again, take a snapshot before you choose your reward in-game, then we can try it out and see what’s up.

This may be related if I search for crafted weapons the 405 Bow of the dragon hunters is ranked 25th but the 418 version is ranked 39th?

Both are downgrades from your current weapon. When you own an item it’s setting the score to zero, so then it shows up higher in the list than other downgrades, even though it does actually rank lower than the higher ilvl version.

You also have a different embellishment chosen in your settings, creating a larger gap between the two.

I’ll see if I can adjust the list to preserve the order in cases like this… or keep the negative score if the item is not currently equipped and a downgrade from your currently equipped item.