Items not in DB?

This is the first time I’ve had this issue where waiting a bit didn’t seem to solve it. Two of my toons have the Spellbinder’s Seal trinket (id 147276), which is a vendor piece I got as a drop… On my shaman it appeared to be a clear upgrade, but I figured I’d check. When I pulled up the upgrade list for that slot, the item isn’t there (love the auto complete style search btw, great feature). This happens sometimes, there’s a huge DB of items, I figure it sometimes takes a sec to update with new stuff. So I went ahead and equipped it, and updated the toon so I can sim. No problem, item appears and all is good. Now I have the SAME item on my Shadow Priest, also a drop, different ilevel, and a harder call, so as usual I go to sim it. It STILL isn’t in the DB. My Shaman has it equipped, but no love. I have a work around, but logging in and out a couple times for that is a bit of a pain. What gives?

Spellbinder’s Seal is the generic stat stick available for Int users from Relinquished Tokens (and maybe other Broken shore sources). The Broken shore generic items are not included in searches by default, since there are so many that it can slow calculations. If you go into the filter options beside your gearing strategy selection, and tick the Broken Shore box, the item should appear in lists. Keep in mind this might slow down some character calculations, probably things like the Upgrade Finder I would guess.

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