Jaithys, the Prison Blade

When simming bis for a ret paladin, with no mythic sanctum, only heroic, it still makes mythic Jaithys bis. I can lock in Heroic Jaithys manually but I imagine that might mess things up marginally. is anyone else having this issue?

also, does amr plan on simming each of the different effects of the blade? like which consumption level is best?

You can press the little down arrow to the left of Jaithys in the item list for Best in Slot or in the simulator to try out all the versions of it.

Note: the final form was bugged on PTR all the way up until 9.1 went live, we’re going to get new spell data tomorrow or tuesday and see what blizzard has fixed, at some point they will have to fix this item.

I’ll look at why the mythic version of that weapon isn’t getting filtered out.

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whatever you did fixed it, thank you.

also didn’t know about the arrow, thanks too.