Legendary upgrade finder - feral - retail

Hello. I’m checking out the upgrade finder for legendaries on my feral druid – I don’t know if this should be a general question or character specific. I know the percentage increases are character specific, but maybe this applies more generally.

Anyway, the #3 recommendation is Celestial Spirits in the Feet slot. I’m wondering why that power in the legs slot isn’t in the list. Don’t legs have a higher stat budget? Also, for leather wearers, feet are a domination socket slot while legs aren’t which again seems to favor crafting the version for legs.

Snapshot ID, if that helps: b3467f65a0f44ed7accec3455863b475

I’ll take a look at this… I agree that it should have chosen the leg slot for that legendary.

It’s a bit odd as I’m sure it was showing me the leg slot the other day but now it’s showing feet.

Any idea why there’s a big discrepancy between the two simulator models @yellowfive?
I’m not sure if it’s the APL, boss script vs target dummy or just how Convoke the Spirits is being implemented.
I know it’s a very opaque box for how it works and Blizzard have never really explained it, but here it’s third and there it’s first.