Legendary Upgrade Questions - Fire Mage

Using the Fire Single Target strategy but I don’t see the legendary effect Temporal Warp ranked at all in the legendary list. It does require someone else would provide the “Hero/TW” at the start of the fight so you could get a second use but that is not uncommon. I’m thinking that this isn’t being taken into account in the modeling? Or is this effect just not ranking well? I mean it is the same as the old legion effect which was fairly strong in just those specific cases.

Also specifically with the legendary list. I have equipped 225 ilvl Firestorm shoulders and when I look at the upgrade finder list it tells me 225 Firestorm ring would be an ~9% upgrade and also doesn’t even show 235 ilvl gear at all. Maybe I’m not understanding the legendary upgrade listing but it doesn’t seem straight forward in it’s display.

Temporal Warp is flagged as Arcane only in the WoW client data. Can it be used with other specs too? If so we can add a ranking for fire/frost.

I put a note at the bottom of the post explaining the legendary rankings about the item level:

Temporal Warp is all specs I believe.

OK – I’ll make sure it shows up in the rankings for frost/fire in the next update.

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