[Live] - Feedback about customization panel for Mistweaver

Hello !

First thank for the work i say it again but i like what you do.

I wanted to give my first impression:
I see a lot of good stuff in the customization tabs. Nothing really to say. I do like it.
I do a bunch of error trying to modifiy it. It’s “works in progress” using F5 did solv most of the error i had.

Few exemple :
Ticket number : 2f3b06b5cc7641659bc5627a724fc8c8 (Snapshot : b8f0ba1792ee4f0ba805797e1c368d7e)
9008e79ef4a64694b4a9509205d0415e (a8998ad747d34ddb81a8051ad2f7bacb)

Result is pretty stable (due to the fact that none of my gear is seen).
Gems and enchant do change in function of fight length so i like it.

  1. Combinations in bag
    Pretty sure this is wrong … It’s a bug where AMR doesn’t see any of the gear i have expect what i have on me

  2. Dmg Pattern :
    I see no way of setting the type of dmg pattern for heal ? Rot dmg ? Random Spike etc… IDk if it can even be set in the current method of calculation. Before with simulation would could see it was based on Vectis fight; but now ?

  3. UI not homogeneous
    between the “Set up Best In Bag Panel” and “Customize” tabs.
    When setting the BiB interface i choosed to do “MM+/All Healing” and then go to the customization tabs.

    Pressing “Customize your Team Composition”.

    Show a “20-player raid” setup.
    My guess is it’s only a visuel thing but i was expecting to see automatically “5-player dungeon” populated.
    I just wanted to get the confirmation this is only a UI thing and the algorithm do take in consideration this :

  4. Could we have a little red dot on the customize tab saying either “you have a customization overwritting the current AMR’s default” ?
    If i do a MM+ but on 10 targets once and forget to remove the customization later on

  5. This is really personnal opinion :
    I find this :
    Redondante to this :
    Either it need to be “linked”; modifing one show the change in the other or one could replace the other.

  6. Custom setup directly in the list with AMR strategies
    Now that we have way more customization option could we have custom setup easier to access ?
    Add directly the list of custom setup in this part instead of the button

  7. I really dislike that in its current implementation :
    I think we have no way of knowing this even using logs.
    Either use the addon to get this information like “reccord MM+ and raid boss” using the logs and get a list of the few last day of try sent into the export string and be able to select it from the list “hey you were iddle for 1%, DPS for 30% etc … on the MM+12 you did Monday night”

  8. Overhealing Estimates auto filled
    It will probably be a good idea to auto fill the % overheal based on what you are using currently in AMR
    For verification purpose and also to not do something really crazy

I also dont really understand why this information is required ? I was expecting it to be the result ? (Based for example on the average max heal the group have but i guess it’s goes the simulation routes)

  1. Small UI improvement :
    I think you can remove those 3 icons (first few point any spec get) cause you can’t avoid them

    Could we have a CTRL+Z here ? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. All offense; still show “HPS increase”
    Probably UI stuff here i think

In the end sadly it doesn’t really see how i can compare talents using only the result but at least i can have a prediction on what talent impact what stats.
Kind of like an anovia ? (Stat distribution analysis ? Value Studies ?)
Now thats everything is link directly (with math) without real simulation, could it be simulated to compare talent (every talent?)

Thanks for all the feedback - it is very helpful to get your initial impressions.

We will be doing a bunch of UI clean up/improvement for sure as we settle on the final options.

I think you make some good points that people expect when they turn on a custom option, that it is pre-populated with the values that were being used in the default strategy.

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I’m actually working on that specific change right now: when you pick a “strategy” it will essentially be a set of defaults for everything that you did not explicitly override. When you check a section it will be pre-populated with the defaults that we are using.

The talent display and features are going to be expanded on quite a bit in the first couple weeks of Dragonflight, just gotta get the initial release out the door first.

And yes, I think we should move the custom setups to the same window as the strategies as you suggest, since they are a lot more similar conceptually now.

Thank you a lot both of you !

And updating addon did solv the gear not importe i had !