Logging mythic+ dungeons issue

I’ve had an issue for a few months where I’d try to log my M+ runs but the logs would be empty. This is despite being sure I turn on logging inside an instance. Sometimes I get a partial log, sometimes I don’t get anything. Because I sometimes got a partial log, I wondered if dying or wiping was turning the logs off. I started trying to track down what’s causing my issue this week.

The first thing I tried was disabling AMR and DBM for my run and I got a complete log. This was with too many wipes because we baddied it up. :slight_smile: This was the first full dungeon log I’ve had in a long time.

My AMR setup is such that I have all raids toggled to on, and I toggled them off and on during this testing to ensure it was on for all supported auto-logged instances. (Sidenote: please default to automatically logging new raids! I missed logging our first run of CoS because I didn’t know to go turn it on.)

It seems that the AMR addon is interfering with my logging attempts, despite not having a setting or option for dungeons. At a minimum, when I enable logging before entering a dungeon, logging turns off entering a dungeon. However, none of my tests had the logging turn off during a run but I was solo in a mythic, dying on the first trash pack.

I tracked whether logging was on using a weak aura from wago.io.

Here are my tests.

Just WA:   entering: still on. dying: still on.
WA & AMR:   entering: turned off. [turn logging on] dying: still on.
WA & DBM:   entering: still on. dying: still on.
 What? I turn it on, get the message that it is being logged, but WA never says it is being logged. Do /combatlog log again, and it says it is being logged -- so it was off. Turning on logging isn't working at all. Walking into the instance turns it on though. Only DBM Core is loaded.
 Turn on DBM options GUI.
WA, AMR, DBM:   entering: turned off. [turn logging on] dying: still on.
WA, DBM (& options):   entering: still on. dying: still on.
WA, AMR, DBM (& options):   entering: turned off. [logging on] dying: still on.

"DBM" now includes Core, Default Skin, Options GUI, Status Bar Timers, Azeroth (BFA), Battle of Dazar, Crucible of Storms, Party-BfA, Uldir, World Events.
DBM > Options > General Options > Extra Features > Auto Logging Options > neither are checked on, they've been this way for all testing.
WA, DBM:   entering: still on. dying: still on.
WA, DBM, AMR: First /combatlog outside instance did not turn loggin on, but second one did (verified 3 times). 
   entering: turned off. [turn logging on, logging doesn't turn on. /combatlog again, and it turns on.]  dying: still on.
WA, AMR:   entering: turned off. [turn logging on. It took two tries to turn on logging again.] dying: still on.
WA:  entering: still on. dying: still on.
WA, DBM:   entering: still on. dying: still on.

Things were getting weird towards the end. When logging was off, I had to issue the “/combatlog” command several times for the logging to actually start. I don’t know what to make of this. Any of this really! Halp?

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I could probably add an option to auto-log 5-man content, should resolve any issues. Might not get to it until after 8.2 stuff is out of the way though, quite a bit of work to get the essences implemented.

In the meantime, if you uncheck all of the auto-logging checkboxes on the combat logging tab of the addon, it shouldn’t interfere with you manually turning logging on/off.


I would love to have the option to auto-log dungeons! Thanks for letting me know that toggling off raids will prevent the problem. I’ll just have to remember to toggle them back on for raids.

Having it log all dungeons will create a lot of stuff you won’t care about, unless you only run M+ I guess.

To get a full log for M+ you need to start it before the key is entered, if I forget until afterwards it misses the CHALLENGE_MODE_START line. I should really test if that happens when they key is activated or the countdown finishes.
If it’s the latter it might be possible to enable logging before the countdown reaches zero, thus capturing the whole log of just M+ runs.

If someone beats me to testing when that fires that would be great, I need to be asleep already.

I ended up testing this and the CHALLENGE_MODE_START fires when you press the button not at the end of the countdown. :frowning:

So the option would be to log all dungeons or do it manually.
Is it possible to determine the difficulty the dungeon is set to? If so maybe just log all Mythic dungeons.
I suspect people will end up with files so big the tools will have trouble coping with them.

Perhaps have a button pop-up when you enter a dungeon (mythic only if possible) asking if you’d like to turn logging on and making sure the addon doesn’t turn it off if you have to do a UI reload?

Even if AMR doesn’t get updated to autolog dungeons, can it be changed to stop interfering with logging dungeons? I have to turn autologging off for our M+ runs and I too often forget to turn autologging back on afterwards and I miss the first raid boss.

I’m pretty sure it already handles that properly – I use it to auto-log raids, and running M+ never seems to mess with it.

There’s something going on but I can’t recreate it consistently in short experiments. Logging won’t turn off if I go into a M+ solo and mess around with the trash, including dying. Still, it turned off at some point during my runs Friday night and Monday night with auto-logging on, and that doesn’t happen when the auto-log toggles are off. If you consistently get full logs from your M+ runs with everything toggled on, then maybe my setup has an addon conflict. I’m not sure what else it could be.

I will try to (video) record my runs this week and show it happening.